Abyss Odyssey

Character modelling for multiplatform game

Bauta Acolyte Deertaur Deertaur Armored Deertaur Armored Deertaur Gryphon Gryphon Pelvis Moth Pelvis Moth Pelvis Moth Wireframe Plant Monster Paganini Paganini Bauta Acolyte Bauta Acolyte Bauta Acolyte Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier Paganini Paganini Plant Monster

Project details

For ACE Team's fourth title, Abyss Odyssey, I modelled and textured a lot of the enemies of the game.

Some characters are based on chilean myths and legends, others in historical or biblical characters.

All characters are modelled in Zbrush and 3DS Max, using Topogun in the process, and Photoshop for textures. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2.

You can see more in my Behance gallery, and on Artstation.