Fiscalía Year in Review 2013

AV support to the 2013 Fiscalía Regional de la Araucanía Year in Review keynote

Project details

This was a very insightful project requiring an innovative AV format supporting the Year in Review speaker.

Mi solution involved a motion graphics video track created in After Effects, with 3D elements for the graphs and camera animation moving in through an almost physical space. The whole keynote is framed by a model of the Fiscalía de Temuco building.

I developed a system to control de video flow and stops using HTML5 and Javascript, as if it was a living slideshow. The system needed to stop the video, fast forward and backwards between virtual slides, show embedded videos and allow for looping sections.

The Fiscalía commisioned me to use the same system to deliver the keynote for the 2014 Year in Review too.