Las Niñas Pueden

Mini web app for social campaign

Las Niñas Pueden Las Niñas Pueden

Project details

Las Niñas Pueden is a social campaign from Comunidad Mujer, Chile's main organization for women's rights and public policy for gender equality.

This particular campaign focuses on the act of gift giving, where parents usually further continue gender biases buying stereotypically different toys and gifts for boys and girls. The app allows you to virtually gift a non gender-specific toy to a girl, like a spaceship, a microscope, construction set, soccer ball, etc.

The app lets you send the virtual gift along with a message via email, Facebook or Twitter, and keeps statistics about how many times the particular gift has been sent.

While the app is relatively simple, I keep it here because I fully support the campaign, I think it's really important, and so I feel proud to have in my portfolio.

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