Zeno Clash 2

Concept art and character modelling for multiplatform videogame

Concept art de Titan Concept art de Titan Rodent Concept art de Rodent Prison Guard Boss Concept art de Prison Guard Boss West Golem Mountain Beast Wu-Muhm Warrior Adrence Concept art de Adrence Mercenary Boss Big Bird

Project details

Zeno Clash 2 is the sequel to ACE Team's debut game. Like its predecessor, it's a first person fighting game, with a surreal art style and punk fantasy elements.

I was since the beginning for this project, when there was talk of making this version a bigger scale, expanding the world, refining combat mechanics and adding some RPG elements.

Before starting oficially, I worked on the teaser cinematic shown during talks to get the publishing deal with ATLUS during GDC.

During the first half of the project, I worked on creating characters, from concept through modelling, high and low poly, texturing, facial morphs, rigging and integration into Unreal Engine 3.

The second half of the project I worked on the real time cinematics using Matinee for sequencing (not animation). The game has about an hour of cinematics total.

Finally I worked on creating some marketing materials including trailers and promotional images.