3D Portfolio

I have experience working in various 3D art fields, including game art, product rendering, and architectural visualization.

As I work full-time in web development, I only take on freelance art projects occasionally.

If you’re interested in collaborating, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Tools used

Depends on how old is the piece. I used a lot of 3DS Max about ten years ago for game art while on ACE Team, then Maya for Arnold for some character renders, 3DS Max and Corona for architectural stuff, now Blender and Cycles for my latest game development characters.

I’ve been using ZBrush since 2009 and still to this day. I used Photoshop back then for textures (even PBR), then Quixel Suite (before Megascans) , now I use Substance Painter exclusively.

Check out Sinteza, my corporate-focused 3d modeling and rendering studio.