Web development

With almost 20 years of experience, I have a strong background in website development, using both manual coding and various frameworks.

Currently, I work as a Project Lead at CRON, a local web development studio. While I lead most projects, I also enjoy spending a significant amount of time designing and building websites for clients.

I’m comfortable working with several workflows, languages, and frameworks, but I have a particular affinity for WordPress and its ecosystem. If you need a content-heavy site, I can quickly create one using WordPress.



UX design, best practices, wireframing, Sketch, Figma, design-in-code, design-in-browser.


HTML & CSS, Javascript, PHP, WordPress, VueJS. Hand coding when needed but also heavily immersed in the WordPress ecosystem.

Server ops

Apache running on Virtual Private Server, Certbot SSL management, server configuration and databases.


Task and resources management. Currently overseeing around 20 projects, serving a dozen countries.

Fun fact: I coded my first websites by hand on a notebook. I didn’t have a computer yet on 1998. Also, I learned HTML from a Nintendo-themed magazine.

Recent projects

These are some of my latest projects working on CRON. Click on them to get a detailed look.

Tools of the trade

These are the tools I use every day that help me do my job quickly and effortlessly. These are specially tailored to my workflow. Highly recommended.